General questions I get asked about my Tarot Readings

Here are some general things I get asked during my Tarot consultations:

How do my Tarot Readings work?

I prefer the client to have a question or area that we could look at during the reading as it helps us to be more specific although sometimes people just want a general reading. This is fine but I find most of the time that something will come out in the reading that the client feels a connection to and it will end up us talking about something that may bother them anyways. It may just be something they would like to talk about or focus on.

What can the client expect during the Tarot Reading?

The client needs to be open minded. I taylor make spreads (the positions of the cards in the reading) for the client so even if 2 people come at the same time, their spread and readings will not be the same even if they pull out the same cards. I interpret the cards for the person who is having the reading at the time. I am a practical down to earth reader who looks at how you are now as well as the situation you may have chosen to talk about and I would talk about this with you using the cards. We would look at how you can move forward and I help you to understand what the cards are saying.

I expect a 2 way dialogue with the client just like a normal conversation you would have with anyone else. If you want to hold things back or say as little as possible, your reading will be as general and very unspecific as you are.

I present the reading in such a way that it is totally in tune with you as you are at the time of your reading and if you had another reading at a later stage, it would be different.

Am I medium?

No, I do not talk to dead people.

Do spirits come through me during my Tarot readings?

No, they don’t.

Do you have to read Tarot cards to be psychic?


Do you have to be psychic to read Tarot?


How important is my past?

Your past influences your life now in some ways. Sometimes people may act a certain way, live a certain way or do certain things because that is how they have always done it or they are frightened of something happening again. Sometimes people also keep meeting the same kind of men or women.

Review of the Tarot Mucha


I first of all wanted to know where the name came from and it is named after Alfonzo Mucha and he was an Art Nouveau artist. The deck wasn’t actually created by him, just made after his style. The creators of this book are Lunaea Weatherspoon, Massimillano Filadoro, Giulia F. Massaglia and Barbara Nosenzo. The latter 2 being involved with the artwork.

The accompanying book describes how he applied his painting to things like jewellery, stained glass and theatre (to name a few).

In this Tarot deck, Mucha has tried to add an element of mystery. For me, it is a very feminine deck (even though there are SOME men in the deck). He loosely used Sarah Bernhardt as a model in this deck. The book also says that she was the model for his cigarette and beer advertising posters.

The little book that comes with the deck seems thick but it is written in a number of different languages. The write up on each of the cards is very limited I feel but the cards are easy to use; I can see the Waite-Smith influence on this deck.

I was drawn to the cards for the style and prettiness of them. This surprised me because a while ago I tried that Goddess Tarot and totally disliked it so I thought this deck may also have been the same or overwhelming because of all the femininity but it isn’t.

I like the spread ideas in the book which are called things like “Seasons” and “flowers” and are inspired by Muchas art

The first thing I did with the cards is created a mandala and used it as a reading. I was looking for advice on my Tarot career.

mucha 2

Centre: the base of the reading (Hermit)

I love this card for me because I certainly have been doing a lot of getting to know myself better (or more) lately.

Left of this card: recent history (Temperance)

I struggled for a while to try and balance my priorities. I methodically evaluated what was going on and did something about it.

Right of centre card: near future (knight of swords)

I get a sense of being open to new things and experiences but thoughtful about them at the same time. I am trying to get out there as a Tarot reader.

Above centre card: external influences (Lovers)

There will always be choices and decisions I have to make but Tarot is my passion and what I love doing no matter what others may think.

Below centre card: internal influences (3 of swords)

I have had experiences of awful people as clients with Tarot and I have been hurt BUT I faced it. I dealt with it and it has made me stronger. It has allowed me to set my boundaries.

Top left and right corner cards: future potential   (9 and Ace of Wands)

Standing up for myself and always being creative / adapting over time as the needs demand.

Bottom left corner card: avoid this (7 of pentacles)

Being selfish is what I feel I shouldn’t be. Always sharing my gift as a Tarot reader.

Bottom right corner card: consider this (queen of cups)

I love this card here because I have always felt that this is my significator so it’s like the cards are telling me to keep on being me. To not change.

A very positive reading.

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Thank you for reading this post.

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Last year I lost 3 very important people to me. It doesn’t matter how old you were. There was so much that could have been done and said.

One person was my Grandad. He was an amazing person.


Here He is with my Dad and Gran.

There will always be reminders.

The others I am not ready to talk about but I want whoever is reading this to know that when we loose someone, there are always reminders of those loved ones. They are always close to us.

I have holes in me. I will always remember. I love you all.

The island

Imagine this:

Imagine being alone on a deserted but beautiful desert island out in the middle of the ocean. You are not afraid. It is peaceful. There are birds flying around, you can hear and see them. Some of them are diving into the water catching fish. There are monkeys playing in the trees. There are lots of natural plants and trees including coconut and banana trees as well as palm trees.

You are wearing clothes that are fit for being on an island. There is a light breeze. The sun is warming your face. You are standing there taking it all in – the sights, sounds and smells.

You are standing looking out to the ocean. The tide is not coming in yet. The water is calm and clear. You can see fish in the deeper parts of the water.

Suddenly, you become aware of the sun and the light and warmth it provides. Absorbing its rays allows you to feel warm and blessed for being able to see and feel. It recharges you. You feel stronger physically and mentally and you begin to feel confident. There is nothing to be afraid off because you have dealt with some things in your life. Right now, it is just you.

How strong you are although you may feel like you have a heavy burden on your back. You can release it, just let it go. There is nothing that can hold you down or keep you here or keep you doing the same things. You have no one to answer to only yourself. This may sound selfish but it isn’t. Your own sub consciousness can guide you on your soul searching.

You realise that it is turning night time and that while you have been watching the ocean, you realise that there is a lantern near you. You pick it up and hold it up so you can see around you. The moon is beginning to cast shadows over the water and the land. You can feel the sand beneath your feet and between your toes. You are not afraid. You become tired and find a place under a shady tree to lie down. You put the lantern down next to you as you lie down.

The darkness embraces you and your thoughts. You begin to explore who you are right now, at this very moment. So much has happened in your life – good and bad. How are you going to move forward? What baggage are you going to leave behind? How has your past shaped you?

You drift into the land of dreams and feel relaxed knowing that you have a great inner strength and know how you want to move forward. When you are ready, the ship will be there to come and pick you up. Dream away. Get to know yourself. You are a great and gifted individual so believe in yourself and love yourself.


The Hermit from the Waite-Smith Tarot

The Hermit from the Waite-Smith Tarot

The rise of Valor. Will it stop?


This is what the 7 of Wands from the Thoth deck is known as.

The 7 of Wands (Valor) from the Thoth Tarot

The 7 of Wands (Valor) from the Thoth Tarot

Its astrological attribution is Mars in Leo.

The centre item is different than the other wands and for me seems to disrupt the 6 of Wands (the last card we spoke about in my blog), here is the link:

The energy of the 6 of wands is now unbalanced. This middle post or club is a weapon and weapons are associated with Mars.

The heads of the wands reflect the conflict between Mars and Venus (Netzach). The Lotus wands are still blue because of their affinity with Venus but the Phoenix wands have become amber which is the colour of Netzach in Atziluth and the caduceus wands are the red colour of Mars.

The flames at the centre of the card are unstable.

The astrological symbols are off centre indicating the instability of this card.

The background being purple, to me, seems to intensify this whole situation but it is also the colour of Leo in Binah.

So, there is a lot of strife, disorganisation, disorder, conflict and opposition going on with this card as well as a lack of organisation. The outcome is also uncertain. This is about getting results through an individual effort.

Crystal Spheres and Skulls

Some of my crystal spheres and skulls

Some of my crystal spheres and skulls


I am a collector of crystal skulls and crystal spheres.

At first I was drawn just to smokey quartz because it is a good all rounder and is great to scry with but I have begun to use and work with other crystals because of their individual unique qualities.

Having a mix of crystals allows their energies to combine and I can also use them individually as well if I so desire.

As examples:

I have 2 x Black Obsidian spheres. Black obsidian helps to banish negativity and fears as well as providing a calm atmosphere. I also have a black obsidian pendulum.

I have an amethyst sphere and skull. Amethyst is connected to our 3rd eye chakra and can aid in psychic awareness. I like to keep amethyst near me when I am doing Tarot Readings.

I have a rose quartz sphere and skull. Rose Quartz is associated with feelings, emotions and love. It is a very soft and beautiful crystal to work with.

I have a Preseli Bluestone skull. Preseli bluestone comes from Wales and was used to make Stonehendge. Preseli bluestone provides a strong earth energy and it also provides healing and magical powers.

My blue calcite crystal sphere is very calming and soothing and is associated with the throat chakra. It helps you to speak tactfully. I keep it near me when I am doing Tarot readings.



The 6 of Wands from the Thoth Tarot

The 6 of Wands from the Thoth Tarot


The 6 of Wands from the Thoth Tarot is also known as Victory.

Its astrological attribution is Jupiter in Leo.

The 6 wands are balanced and are in pairs.

The lotuses are blue (representing Water) and white (representing Spirit).

The Phoenix heads are the yellow of Tipareth. I wondered what the significance of the Pheonix was and it is on the wand of the Second Adept (Adeptus Major 6 – 5) in the Adeptus minor ceremony of the Golden Dawn. The Pheonix heads are also symbolic of rebirth, rising from the fire as well as a transformed and renewed state.

The solar disk of the caduceus is red and the wings are blue signifying the union of opposites – fire and water as the power of this wand.

The shafts of these wands are reddish amber which is the colour of Leo in Assiah. The background of this card is tinged with the violet colour associated with Jupiter in Atziluth whose watery nature works to balance out the dominant fire in this card.

There are 9 steady flames in the centre of this card. 9 is the number of Yesod and the moon. I have read that the flames are supposed to represent the feminine energy that balances out the fiery masculine energy therefore bringing harmony and balance to this card but this confuses me slightly because I have always associated water with femininity – if anyone cares to enlighten me here, I’d appreciate it.

The 9 flames also connects this card with the 9 of wands which is the “Strength” associated with “Victory”.

So the things associated with this card are balanced energy, victory after strife (the last card was called strife) and success after effort.

With Leo, there is the element of success being visible publicly (symbolic of the Leo pride) and subsequently under the influence of Jupiter – furthering, helping and developing others through the influence of Jupiter’s expansion of knowledge and spirit.

The 5 of Wands (Strife) from the Thoth Tarot

Another complex card today in the form of the 5 of Wands aka Strife.


The 5 of Wands (Strife) from the Thoth Tarot

The 5 of Wands (Strife) from the Thoth Tarot


This card uses the Adept’s wands from the Adeptus Minor ritual of the Golden Dawn as symbols. The smaller wands are disorganised. At first glance, you may not even notice and wonder how. Here is why: The Lotus wands have shafts of blue that connect with their water attribution but the heads of the wands are purple which is a mix of red (fire) and blue (water). The shafts of the Pheonix wands are the orange of Geburah in Atziluth but the heads of the wands are the blue of water.

The caduceus dominates the other wands. The caduceus is the wand of the Chief Adeptus attributed to Chesed and so the shaft is blue and there are 4 wings. The wand also signifies Jupiter.

Take note of the seal on the caduceus – the mark of the beast conjoined with the star of babalon – the phallus in the womb. Here we have the meeting of positive and negative energy, male and female, fire and water.

Saturn and Leo appear as sigils upon the shaft of the caduceus.

Ten flames leap from the junction of the wands. This refers to the domination of Saturn over the suit of wands. It relates to the fiery nature of Geburah and the authority of the caduceus which gives the 5 of Wands its name as Strife.

So what does this all mean for you?

Basically rivalry, discord, antagonism, conflict, competition, strife, perhaps violence.

I am using the following book for this post:

The Thoth Companion, the hey to the true symbolic meaning of the Thoth Tarot by Michael Osiris Snuffin.

The 4 of Wands (Completion) from the Thoth Tarot

The Four of Wands from the Thoth Tarot is known as Completion.

The Four of Wands (Completion) from the Thoth Tarot

The Four of Wands (Completion) from the Thoth Tarot

It’s Qabalistic attribution is Chesed in Atziluth.

It’s Astrological attribution is Venus in Aries.

It has 4 wands arranged in a circle with a ram of Aries at one end and a dove at the other end of each wand.

The rams represent energy of Will and the doves represent love.

The Wands are crossed and are forming and 8 rayed star with 8 flames coming out of the centre. 8 is the number of the Hebrew word abah which means “to will”, ahab which means “to love” and ahgad which means “to bind or collect” hence “Love is the law, Love under will.

As the name of the card says – Completion, that is what this card is all about and is usually as a result of a labour of love and will and can also indicate rest depending on the surrounding  cards in the reading.

I am using the following book for this post:

The Thoth Companion, the hey to the true symbolic meaning of the Thoth Tarot by Michael Osiris Snuffin.

The 3 of Wands (Virtue) from the Thoth Tarot

The 3 of Wands aka Virtue from the Thoth Tarot

The 3 of Wands aka Virtue from the Thoth Tarot

The 3 of Wands from the Thoth Tarot is also called Virtue and shows 3 crossed Lotus Wands that has 10 straight and 10 curved flames at their crossing point. You may be reminded of the Sun.

The 4 straight orange flames are from the 2 of Wands and the Dorjes and then the 10 Sepiroth from the Ace of Wands is represented in the 3 of Wands as the 10 curvy flames. This shows us the productive creative energy of the first 2 cards form the suit of Wands and is also associated with the astrological association of the Sun in Aries. Aries marks the beginning of spring.

The Lotus wand is associated with Isis, the great mother of Egyptians and also symbolises creation. Each Lotus has 9 petals which links to the creative Sepiroth Yesod. The Lotus wand is also the magickal weapon of Tipareth in the Adepts minor ritual of the Golden Dawn. Creation is highlighted very well here.

So what does this mean for you and me?

Creation, reproduction, hope that is realised, pride and power.

I am using the following book for this post:

The Thoth Companion, the key to the true symbolic meaning of the Thoth Tarot by Michael Osiris Snuffin.

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