The Thoth Moon

Next up we have the Moon card from the Thoth Tarot deck.

The Moon card from the Thoth Tarot

The Moon card from the Thoth Tarot

Whilst the Priestess represents the most exalted characteristics of the Moon, the Moon card represents the darker side.

Let’s explore this dark side then.

You will notice a sun above a beetle at the bottom of the card. The sun in this placement has descended into the dark waters of the unconscious mind to confront the fears and emotions yet to be understood.

Anubis in his dual form is on the left and right of this card guarding the pathway between the turrets on the landscape of our journey. This dual presence of Anubis is seen in the Neophyte ceremony of the Golden Dawn as “Anubis of the East” and “Anubis of the West” and they are seen as guardians of the Neophyte hall guarding the threshold between the conscious and unconscious minds. The neophyte who ignores Anubis runs the risk of being consumed by Nephesch, the animal soul represented by the jackals at the feet of Anubis. The Nephesch is the Qabalistic part of the soul seated in Yesod (the moon) and is associated with the cerebellum at the back of the head, the meaning of Qoph.

What do you make of the Ankhs held by Anubis?

9 Yod shaped blood droplets fall from the moon at the top. 9 is the number of Yesod which is the sephira of the astral plane of the moon. This blood is menstrual blood and Yod represents the potential seed of life which is as yet unfulfilled. The Yods of blood form the sigil of Neptune with the following associations of the moon: dreams, neurosis, depression, sleep walking, mystery, confusion, illusion and delusion.

So there is a lot in this card. There is potential yet to be fulfilled, we need to look at if we are deluding ourselves or if we are confused about something.

I love the crescent shaped moon in its partial eclipse. That is quite symbolic for me and I like to think of it as sometimes our conscious and unconscious is close to meeting and how strong this spect could be if we could maintain it.

I personally feel so strongly connected to this card in the areas of the conscious and unconscious. When things are going great for me, they are great and when they are bad, it is bad. It does make me wonder sometimes if I am deceiving myself and it’s almost like I take 1 step forward and 2 back sometimes.

I am using the Thoth companion, the key to the symbolic meaning of the Thoth Tarot by Michael Osiris Snuffin for this blog piece.

By the river of Babalon

I love the next card on my Thoth journey – the Star.

The Star card from the Thoth Tarot deck

The Star card from the Thoth Tarot deck

I love the moon and sun connections and all the other similar connections I will talk you through.

The figure in this card is Nuit. The water behind Nuit is the sea of Binah and before her is the crystalline earth symbolising a manifested universe. The connection between the earth and the water is symbolic of the path of He connecting Chokmah to Tipareth spanning the abyss.

Nuit in this card resembles Aquarius, the water bearer and she also signifies Nut (carrying a jug of water on her head).

The gold and silver cups symbolise the lunar (unconscious) and solar (conscious) forces. The water of eternal life is poured from the gold cup and is symbolic of the essence of all life and the essence of the soul. Nuit is pouring this essence all over herself. Nuit is pouring the water of eternal life from the silver cup onto the fertile earth and this life energy takes form in the manifest universe.

The 5 flying butterflies in the bottom right corner symbolise the psyche or soul and in this cards setting they symbolise souls that have travelled the Abyss to be reborn in the womb of Babalon. They have been stripped of the ego. The number 5 connects to the 5th element of Spirit.

The star in the top left corner is the star of Babalon.

We see Babalon in the Lust card as she rides the beast (dominating the beast) in ecstasy.

This Star card is all about hope and faith as we know but I love the conscious and unconscious aspects as well. For me, it’s about getting to know these sides of oneself through self-exploration.

I use the following book to help me with this post:

The Thoth companion, the key to the true meaning of the Thoth Tarot by Michael Osiris Snuffin

The Thoth Tower and more sex

The Tower card from the Thoth Tarot deck

The Tower card from the Thoth Tarot deck

Today we move onto the Tower in the Thoth deck and like the last card the Devil, it has connections to Capricorn – the 4 figures falling from the tower identify with the earth element. They are drawn in an abstract form to mimic the crystalline structure of rocks and minerals. This is the connection between Ayin and Capricorn. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign.

What is Ayin?

(The following comes from Wikipedia)

It is a Hebrew letter and is an important concept in Kabbalah. It is contrasted with the term Yesh meaning “something/existence/being/is”. According to kabbalistic teachings, before the universe was created there was only Ayin, and the first manifest Sephira (Divine emanation), Chokmah (Wisdom), “comes into being out of Ayin.” In this context, the sephirah Keter, the Divine will, is the intermediary between the Divine Infinity – Ein Sof –  and Chochmah. Because Keter is a supreme revelation of  the Ohr Ein Sof (Infinite Light), transcending the manifest sephirot, it is sometimes excluded from them.

Ayin is closely associated with the Ein Sof, which is understood as the deity prior to his self-manifestation in the creation of the spiritual and physical realms, single Infinite unity beyond any description or limitation. From the perspective of the emanated created realms, Creation takes place “Yesh me-Ayin” (“Something from Nothing”). From the Divine perspective, Creation takes place “Ayin me-Yesh” (“Nothing from Something”), as only God has absolute existence; Creation is dependent on the continuos flow of Divine lifeforce, without which it would revert to nothingness. Since the 13th century, Ayin has been one of the most important words used in kabbalistic texts.

(End of quote)

The eye of Horus is at the top. I love how cards are connected to each other in the Thoth Tarot and this is a perfect example because the eye is associated with the 3rd eye of the goat on the devil card. The opening of the 3rd eye chakra results in the destruction of illusion through enlightenment. The tower is symbolic of the conscious mind or ego which is destroyed by the lightening flash of spiritual illumination. The lightning bolt can also symbolize death and destruction. The lightning bolt has 5 points which is the number of Geburah and Mars.

Who was Horus?




Wikipedia offers the following: Horus is one of the oldest and most significant deities in ancient Egyptian history, who was worshipped from at least the late Predynastic period through to Greco-Roman times. Different forms of Horus are recorded in history and these are treated as distinct gods by Egypt specialists. He was most often depicted as a falcon, or as a man with a falcon head.

The earliest recorded form of Horus is the patron deity of Nekhan in Upper Egypt who is the first known national god, specifically related to the king who in time came to be regarded as a manifestation of Horus in life and Osiris in death. The most commonly encountered family relationship describes Horus as the son of Isis and Osiris but in another tradition Hathor is regarded as his mother and sometimes as his wife. Horus served many functions most notably being a god of the sun, war and protection. End quote.

In the Tower card it is destroying the old Aeon (the tower) by fire. I have seen some people associate this card to Leo rather than Capricorn because of this fire aspect.

Connecting to Horus (the Sun God), the sigil of the sun is drawn as the black pupil of the eye.

There are 27 rays radiating from the solar eye and the tower is attributed to the 27th path on the tree of life.

The tower represents the physical world of Malkuth and is signified by 2 barred windows. The lower window is divided into 10 squares, the number of Malkuth and the upper window is a circle is divided by a diagonal line suggesting the 4 elements of Malkuth.

So the sexual part of the card – the tower is the phallus; the lightning bolt is the orgasm and the 4 figures are the ejaculated sperm. The tower is destroyed and this symbolizes the loss of the erection after orgasm and the letter Pe (connected to this card) represents mouth so this could relate to oral sex. Oh my word.

At the bottom of the card is a mouth as well but this is Dis, the God of the underworld. He is breathing fire. There are 9 tongues coming from his mouth which is the number of Yesod. The value of Pe is 80 – the same value as the word Yesod. The path of Pe bridges Hod and Netzach and this is where intellect and emotions clash. The resulting enlightenment and illumination that resolves this conflict is represented by the solar by which is the Sun of the Tipareth.

There is a dove and a lion serpent. What do you make of these?

So, besides all of this, the Tower card is still seen as sudden and unexpected change, having the experience of a trauma and coming out on the other side, destruction and purification and stress. Things are torn down and things are rebuilt.

I love the emotional and intellectual clash as well. I have had moments like this because I function primarily on the emotional level and it is sometimes hard for me to think things through. Your heart can make you hurt too so for me, this falling apart of my feelings is like a tower moment. When you experience things and then later in life, similar things happen, you can be more prepared for it because you have been there.

I am using the following book for this post:

The Thoth Companion, the key to the true symbolic meaning of the Thoth Tarot by Michael Osiris Snuffin.

The Devil brings “SEXY” back

The Devil card from the Thoth Tarot deck

The Devil card from the Thoth Tarot deck


There are 2 things I notice straight away with the Devil card from the Thoth deck:

1) The goat in the middle of the card and

2) The phallic symbol made up of the centre tree trunk and the spheres at the bottom.

So straight away I have 2 connections here: the goat to Capricorn and the spheres to Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. The rings also represent Nuit who is associated with Saturn as Binah, the Great Mother.

You will notice male and female forms within the spheres which symbolise the sexual act. The spheres also symbolise the building blocks of living matter, dividing to create life. Each contains 10 pairs of chromosomes which is associated with Yod.

The goat represents Pan Panganetor and Baphomet. The horns represent masculine energy and its virility. The 3rd eye of the goat represents spiritual enlightenment and it is also the phallus. Above the 3rd eye are grapes which represent the orgiastic mysteries of Dionysus or Bacchus.

In front of the goat is the wand of the chief adept, a special form of the Caduceus.

Another connection is the chaotic root system going on behind the tree which is representative of the surface of Mars which is exalted in Capricorn. Mars governs sexual energies and the sexual drive in all beings.

So, the Devil represents that instinctual creative impulse, the sexual attraction and arousal that form relationships and procreation.

Capricorn indicates drive, determination and ambition. There is also the element of competition and motivation.

I am using the following book for this post:

The Thoth Companion, the key to the true symbolic meaning of the Thoth Tarot by Michael Osiris Snuffin.

6 things about the Thoth Art card you should know

The next card in my Thoth journey is “Art” formerly known as Temperance. Crowley chose this name because of this card’s illustration of alchemy and Crowley’s definition of Magick: “The science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.”

The Art card from the Thoth Tarot (Temperance)

The Art card from the Thoth Tarot (Temperance)


1) The central figure in this card is androgynous and wears a blue lamen over her solar plexus. The lamen is the magickal weapon of Tipareth. The 6 spheres on the lamen are symbolic of the 6 planetary Sepiroth that are below the abyss on the tree of life. The spheres are also breasts identifying the androgyne with Diana, the many breasted Roman Goddess of fertility and the Moon. Diana and her bow and arrow are also connected to Sagittarius. So the lamen is solar and lunar in nature, an example of the union of opposites.

2) You’ll see the androgyne pouring fire and water from the containers. The lion and eagle reinforce this fire and water. The cauldron represents the newly made adept or androgyne and it is a yellow-gold colour which is the colour of Tipareth as well as the sun which reflects the balance and harmony of the elements.

3) The lunar crescents at the top of the card relate to the Moon and Gimel which is the path above Samekh on the middle pillar. The crescents the androgyne and also form the bow of Artemis, the Goddess of the moon and hunters.

4) There are 2 faces on the figure, one is dark and one is light. There is a theme of opposites and balance in this card.

5) The following words are at the top of the card: “Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapiiderm” which is Latin for “Visit the interior parts of the earth; by rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone.” The hidden stone is the philosopher’s stone. Rectification is an alchemical process of purification through repeated distillation.

6) So, the ability to solve and combine, union and synthesis are themes of this card as well as team work and cooperation.

7) The rectification process applies to the individual and here we can also look at our sub conscious and conscious; emotions and intellect as well as the mind, body and spirit.

I am using the following book for this post:

The Thoth Companion, the key to the true symbolic meaning of the Thoth Tarot by Michael Osiris Snuffin.

Thoth and Death

So, on my Thoth journey I am on to card XIII – Death.


The Thoth Death card

The Thoth Death card


The Thoth version of Death takes alchemy into account. The skeleton represents the agent of putrefaction which is the alchemical process in which the first matter is purified through the process of dissolution, decay and death. Bones are the only part of the human body that remain after the natural forces of decay / putrefaction have completed their work. The skeleton is dancing reinforcing the long and active process that is putrefaction.

The skeleton is wearing the crown of Osiris. Osiris is associated with the waters of death. The skeleton is also underwater which ties up closely with this Osiris association. Osiris’ brother Set drowned him in the river Nile.

You may be able to see 2 human figures between the legs of the skeleton. One of the figures is positioned so that the scythe appears to be symbolically chopping his head off. The head represents Neschamah which is the essence of the mind. The scythe of death releases the immortal soul from the body.

In a previous blog I wrote, I explain about the eagle, serpent and scoprion –

There is also a scorpion standing between a lotus which is associated with Binah and Saturn.

What do you make of the bubbles?

What does this all mean to me then?

I am thinking along the lines of what preceeds death. It is a stage of life and a natural process. There is a lot that goes on before death happens and it is this process that I am drawn to. The Thoth death card also considers reincarnation and I like this idea of death not being an end but a passage to more. It is just the physical body ending.

I would also say that this journey is symbolic of our own individual personal life journeys and all the things we accomplish (or not accomplish). I get a sense of doing things so that we can say we have either done them or at least tried and have no regrets.

I am using the following book for this post:

The Thoth Companion, the key to the true symbolic meaning of the Thoth Tarot by Michael Osiris Snuffin.

Tarot on

I am still buzzing after my Tarot full weekend.

I was at my local market on Saturday. I had 3 private readings on Saturday night and I was at Haigh Hall in Wigan yesterday. I have been invited to do Tarot at an event on 4th April too. Excited.


Me at Haigh Hall.


My table at my local market.

I love meeting people and listening to their life stories and helping them with Tarot too.

Haigh Hall had a really good atmosphere too.

Tarot over the weekend

Hi all.

I have been at my local market today and will be at a fair tomorrow doing Tarot so blog posts will be resuming on Monday.


Thanks for keeping in touch with my Tarot journey.

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Are you like the Hanged Man?

The Hanged Man from the Thoth Tarot deck

The Hanged Man from the Thoth Tarot deck


The Hanged Man in the Thoth Tarot is loaded with symbology (just like all the preceding cards we have already been through).

The first thing I was drawn to in this card was the inverted Ankh which is an Egyptian symbol of eternal life and it also represents the 5th power of the sphinx, to go. The 5th power of the sphinx can only be attained by the adept who has mastered all of the preceding 4 powers of the sphinx which are: to know, to Will, to Dare and to keep silent.

I was wondering what the significance of the ankh being inverted was. How does this affect one’s life? Just me being curious. Is it the lack of eternal life and the unfullfillment of the 5 powers of the sphinx?

You will see by the ankh is a snake coiled twice securing the adepts foot. It is connected to Chokmah who is the creator of Kether. The serpent is associated with Mercury.

I noticed that there is a snake at the bottom of the card as well. He is inside a half moon crescent shape which is actually a womb and there are 18 rays of light coming from the adepts head towards this womb. The coiling of the snake (4 times) indicates manifestation and the black waters of the womb connect to Binah which is the great fertile mother. All this represents the illumination of Kether manifesting in Malkuth through the work of the adept.

The triangle formed by the legs of the adept symbolises light and the cross shape symbolises life and this signifies light descending into darkness in order to redeem it.

The horizontal lines in the background are prominent whilst the vertical lines are not so prominent. This suggests the reflective qualities of water. This could make the Hanged man be seen as a drowning man which is a title associated with the drowned and resurrected god Osiris who appears underwater in the next card Death.

What do you make of the nailing of the hands and feet of this Hanged man?

I have previously written about the Thoth Death card under a different heading – Death and Putrefaction. Here is the blog:

I will share more on the Death card from the Thoth deck in my next blog post.

I have been using the following book for this post:

The Thoth companion, the key to the true symbolic meaning of the Thoth Tarot by Michael Osiris Snuffin.

Have a good weekend everybody.

Don’t forget I am at St Mary’s market, St Helens, Merseyside on Saturday and Haigh Hall, Wigan on Sunday doing Tarot and Angel card readings. Come along if you are able to.

Will I win the lottery? Hell, yes (!!!!!)

Putting the question in such a way as to get the best answer is important.

For example, there is the thing of instead of asking:

Will I pass my driving test?

To consider asking:

What do I need to do to make sure I will pass my driving test?

What not to ask the Tarot:

1) Will I win the lottery?

Why not ask this? Because the lottery is a game first and foremost and secondly it is a game of chance.

2) Should I go out with Derek?

Take responsibility for your own life and choices / decisions. Why do anything that someone else has told you to do (or not do).

3) Does my sister hate me?

What would happen if the answer is yes? What would you do about it? Focus on positive energies that make you feel better and that can actually allow you to become productive rather than negative energies like hate that can make you depressed, sad and unhappy.

The more specific you can be when asking a question, the better the answer will be.

So consider asking questions beginning like:

  • What do I need to know about . . . (eg someone said I talk too much and don’t listen – are they right? Could be turned into “What do I need to know about my communication skills?”)
  • How can I improve (eg my work situation)?
  • How can I assist (eg my sister with her addiction to men)?
  • How can I go about getting this done? (eg, how can I make people listen to me when I talk?)

These are just a few examples.

I have had it when people say they don’t have a question and then half way through the reading, it turns out that they do and they will point it out.