Sun and Moon

The Magus card from the Thoth Tarot deck

The Magus card from the Thoth Tarot deck

I was wondering about the Thoth Tarot and why it was called the Thoth Tarot.

I have begun reading the The Book of Thoth (Egyptian Tarot) by Master Therion (Aleister Crowley) and wondered if it was to do with the Juggler aka Magus being referred to as Thoth and whilst I was reading the book, I also noted that there are 3 different versions of the Magus as follows.

I found this on page 71 of The Book of Thoth:

1) . . . Having the head of Ibis, the symbol of concentration, it was supposed that this bird stood continuously on one leg, motionless – evidence of the symbol of the meditative spirit . . .

2) There is another version of Thoth where he is seen bearing the phoenix wand, symbolising resurrection through the generative process and the Ankh is in his left hand representing a sandal strap – i.e., the means of progress through the worlds. The Ankh is also actually another form of the Rose and Cross.

3) There is a third form of Thoth representing him primarily as Wisdom and the World where he has the Style in his right hand and the Papyrus in his left hand. Here is the messenger of the Gods. Thoth is followed by an ape, the cynocephalus whose business it is to distort the world of the God; to mock, to simulate and to deceive.

This is all under the Juggler aka the Magus (in The Book of Thoth, page 69) and what I love about this the most is that he is the male equivalent to the High Priestess; he is the Sun, she the Moon. The Sun and Moon being the Second Harmonics to the Lingam and the Yoni. The Juggler being the Creative Mercury of the nature of the Sun and Mercury is on the path on the Tree of Life from Kether to Binah – the Underworld and as such he is the messenger of the Gods, representing precisely the Lingam, the word of creation whose speech is silence. The Mercury aspect seems contradictory as this is symbolic of the fluid basis of all transmission of all activity.

There is so much more to this card. I could come back to this at some point.          

Nice Tarot quote

“It’s said that the shuffling of the cards is the earth, and the pattering of the cards is the rain, and the beating of the cards is the wind, and the pointing of the cards is the fire. That’s of the four suits. But the Greater Trumps, it’s said, are the meaning of all process and the measure of the everlasting dance.”

Charles Williams

Where I am, there you also may be

The Hermit Tarot card from the RWS deck

The Hermit Tarot card from the RWS deck

I want to talk about the lantern of the Hermit and how he shines his lantern for us to see. I wonder to myself about how hard it is to be able to see this lantern and in one way, it is like the Hermit is the old, wise archetype who has age, knowledge and experience under his belt. These are not things that can be given to us; it is something we have to go through ourselves. I have also thought about how I have seen people carrying their lantern and in some ways, it has made me recognize in myself, the qualities I do and do not want. I am unique and I hope to inspire others to be unique and to share their passions too.

I know from experience that when we are good at something and enjoy it, we become better at it so the lantern in the Hermit card is something we can aim for – to be able to hold this lantern of love and passion (being representative of the things we are passionate about) for others to see, it can become that light and heat for others to see and feel.

To quote Waite on the Hermit: “Where I am, there you also may be.” (Taken from The Pictorial Key to the Tarot)

Know Yourself

The Justice card from the Morgan Greer Tarot deck

The Justice card from the Morgan Greer Tarot deck


I was thinking of the Justice card today because of a certain way I was feeling that reminded me of this card.

As children, we might say how something isn’t fair. Is this because the child is a child and simply hasn’t got his or her own way with something? Is it harder to accept this as a child or as we grow older? Do we have less coping mechanisms as children? Are we able to do more about something as an adult if we feel that something is not fair or right? Does this make us childish as adults to feel this way? As adults, we can do things. If we aren’t happy about something, we can do something about it. Maybe as children, we may feel scared to or we have limited resources because we are children.

I feel that there will come a time in your life when you may try to balance your past with your future. All these questions I have had have been part of a self –examination process of which I don’t feel there are any right or wrongs, it is just life – me growing older (and maybe wiser). There is that inner conflict of forgiveness (and acting upon this or not acting upon it) of others and oneself. I mean, people don’t always live up to our expectations (and I don’t always live up to my own expectations). We do make mistakes.

So, the trick is to leave the past in the past and move forward allowing a true and real future to be created.

To end this blog post off, the Delphic Oracle has a sign above its entrance that says: “Know yourself.”

The sign at the Delphic Oracle - Know Yourself

The sign at the Delphic Oracle – Know Yourself

Seheiah and Lelahel

Today – Friday, 18th April, we have 2 angels assisting us. They are Seheiah and Lelahel who help us physically and emotionally as follows:

Lelahel helps us physically in the following areas:

Lelahel is the Divine light that heals everything with a light of love.

He provides insight and clear understanding as well as happiness and fortune.

And natural beauty is enhanced with Lelahel.

Lelahel asks us to pay attention to our human distortions as follows:

Having multiple personalities, wearing masks.

Thinking of and acting on external beauty only.

Thinking that you are indispensable.

Feelings of superiority or inferiority.

Useless spending, wasting and squandering.

Taking things for granted.

Being proud.

Being materialistic and living beyond one’s means.

Emotionally, we are being supported by Sehelah today:

He helps us to have

Foresight, complete calm, inspiration and happy longevity.

We are protected against falls, accidents, fire, lightening and illness.

The human distortions that Sehelah warns us against using today are:

Having a lack of foresight, being careless and worry.

Falls, illness and accidents.

Destruction, turmoil and turbulence.

Excessive willpower and an angry temperament and lastly

Inner and outer paralysis.

Remember as with all angels, that even though we may know how they can help us, we need to call on them to help us as they are there but they won’t just do it, you need to talk with them and ask them to help you.

Spirited Words


I recently met a lovely lady called Trish at a Mind, Body and Spirit event I attended at the Monastery in Gorton, Manchester. Her web site is and she makes the most amazing card decks and bags and boxes to go with the cards. The cards don’t have pictures on, just simple words.

I thought I would share a reading I did with a combination of 3 of the decks – the Prophecy cards, the Essence cards and the Purpose cards.

From the Prophecy cards, I pulled the following 4 cards (Using a spread indicated in the book that comes with the cards):

(Position) Now: (Card) Death

(Position) What I need to do: (Card) Inevitability

(Position) Future: (Card) Long Term

(Position) Outcome or advice: (Card) Short Journey

2 Essence cards:

‘An ending is required’ and

‘A need to free the tears’

And lastly 1 purpose card which says:

‘The purpose is to learn compassion.’

I know it seems vague but here is my interpretation:

I have recently started studying again so death of an old way of life (stagnating) is inevitable as I am going to use the new knowledge I am gaining long term. I feel that the course I am doing will lead me to new horizons and I welcome change (and short journeys if this is part of the growth).

I like the reiteration of the Essence cards that an ending is required as I do feel it is time for me to move on. Sometimes, I have felt ‘bored to tears’ so maybe this is where the need to free the tears comes in.

And lastly, the idea of learning about compassion seems so relevant to me with relation to the courses I am studying which are Life Coaching and Dream Therapy.