Make it happen

Today, I put it to you to work in the present.

If you want thing to happen (now or in the future), make them happen or at least get the process started. Don’t think about how things were done in the past because this is irrelevant. If you want to make things happen then you can do this.

Do this by ONLY being positive. Say, think and act positively. If you can’t then don’t say, think or act at all. Say things like “I am confident and I can do this.”

DO NOT allow negativity to get into your life if you can help it as this will hamper the goal / s you have. Do not allow things like you saying “I can’t do this” to be thought or said. Don’t allow your confidence to be affected.


The Purpose filled advertising Tarot Reader

Here are some advertising ideas:

Put your website on notepads, pens, newsletters, bumper stickers, coffee cups – you can just get little stickers made with your details on to stick on things.

Flyers. When you buy your morning paper, slip some flyers in with the rest of the newspapers. Business cards (You can make up your own or get them free through VistaPrint)

If you write articles and then use a service to publish them, your articles become viral. Your articles will spread like a virus and could have the potential to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.

Participating in online discussion forums is an excellent way to get the word out about your business, and it is free. Build relationships first and use your signature file to let everyone know what you do and who you are.

Online classifieds as well as your local newspaper.

Targeted ezine advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business.

Solo ads. Your success depends on your ad and your heading!

Mail out postcards.

Purchase leads that are targeted and related to your business. If possible get their phone number and follow up.

Bookmarks for libraries, do not forget to talk to your librarian first.

Purchase cheap seed packets, put a tag on them with your website as well as a saying like, I am in the business of helping people grow.

Use your knowledge and publish a newsletter or ezine. One your build up your list you can offer paid subscriptions or ads.

Word of mouth (friends and family).

Forwarded emails or replying back to unsolicited email.

Add your testimony to your signature line.

Buttons (badges).

Pens to hand out with a short advertisement and your URL. If your domain name is a string words, try capitalizing each. This helps people who just take a quick glance remember it. Create an information type handout that briefly explains your business.

When you go to a garage or yard sale, ask if you can leave a few of your flyers there. Community Colleges.

Put a business card in all outgoing mail including anything that has a postage paid envelope. Visit establishments you do business with (doctor offices, health food stores, karate/dance studios, etc) and ask if you can leave flyers.

Car magnets.

Promote your business in local magazines, newspapers, community newsletters, etc by writing an article.

Leave your business card in restrooms at restaurants or on cork boards around grocery stores.

Look into putting an ad in school sponsored publications (directories, PTA booklets, etc).

Set up a free giveaway box in any store that will give you permission.

Post flyers at apartment complexes if they will allow it.

Place flyers under windshield wipers of cars.

Ask about having your ad appear with a color background to make it stand out even more.

Buy a personalized stamp and put your ad on it.

Stamp the back of any envelopes that you mail. When it comes to advertising and marketing, repetition plays an important part in your campaigns success.

We all get junk mail with the postage paid envelopes. Just send a flyer back to the company and use their return envelope.

Personalized Tshirts.

Make up Gift basket raffles for Church bazaars, concerts held during summer, at your local community hall, or any town function.

Do not forget to put your business card or some other advertisement in the basket.

Put flyers on car windshields at your kids sporting events.

Leave a business card with a tip for your waiter/waitress.

Reply to spam email with your own business advertisement.

Give your business cards to friends and family and ask them to give them out.

Put up flyers at the local colleges, libraries and grocery stores.

Ask your local chinese takeout if you can post a flyer in their window.

Create a post it stack of your business cards with a glue stick and then post them at pay phones.

Business cards with a magnetic back really stick in people’s minds as well as on their refrigerator.

Leave business cards by the change machine in the mall arcade or at the ATM machine.

Put your website address on your sun visor using vinyl letters.

Find an old metal tin (or new), put a magnet on the back, put your business cards in them and then just attach this to your car when you go into a store.

Be different and get noticed. When you are unique then you are one step ahead of your competition.


My personal year

The Hermit Tarot card from the RWS deck

The Hermit Tarot card from the RWS deck

The Moon card from the RWS Tarot deck

The Moon Tarot card from the RWS deck


My current personal year relates to two cards – the Moon (18) and the Hermit (9).

I love this combo because even though I hadn’t thought about it up until now and as such things have happened purely because I have allowed time to go by; this combo does actually make sense to me right now and it seems as these cards are spot on.

By my own nature, I am quite introspective and I do think a lot about stuff in general (even though I may not always understand it but I am continually aiming for this) which ties in nicely with the Hermit. I find this introspection leads me to further myself. I am always thinking. And as far as the Moon is concerned, I am trying to develop my unconsciousness more especially through dream work and I am learning to trust my intuition more as well as listening to that gut feeling.


Sort your family out NOW


My message for you all today is simply to look after your family. Put aside any conflicts or issues you have.

If your health is affecting how you behave – get to a doctor and try to get it sorted.

Consider all the negative things you personally say and do with regards to your family and if it is painful, ask yourself why you have to be this way. Put your pride aside and resolve it – NOW.    

If someone has hurt you, forgive them and move on. Don’t hold on to this pain.

These people are your friends and they know you better than anyone else could or ever would care to. Respect them because they are people too. Whether you are the older or the younger sibling, stop doing what it is that you shouldn’t be doing, saying or thinking and grow up. As parents, things won’t always go the way you want them to so don’t keep that chip on your shoulder because it will not make things better – it will only make things worse.

Don’t be all out for what you can personally get from your father’s death and don’t keep secrets.  

Don’t look for the wrong in everyone. Where will that get you? You will become lonely and block people out of your life.

Let go of your pride and act like an adult. If your family are concerned about you and they say so, don’t take their words negatively. You may be hurting them.

Don’t allow yourself to miss the greatest thing that we are all naturally gifted with – these amazing people called your family. I don’t care how corny I sound.

Oscar Wilde says this: “When we are old enough to know better, we know nothing at all.” Consider that self-righteousness is the mark of the primitive man.     


The RWS 10 of Cups

The RWS 10 of Cups

The accidental Tarot Reading

Tips for instant custom as a Tarot Reader.

1) As you are out and about and you see someone who you think may be interested in a Tarot Reading, have your cards ready to hand in a bag (not a box). Get near the client (without trying to seem odd) and pretend to drop the cards (in the back) and hopefully they will bend to help you pick them up and then get talking and get them to have a reading.

2) If you have flyers advertising your services that you would like to hand out, staple a tea bag with a note attached to it saying “Next time you are on your tea break, have a look at my amazing services” (words to that effect.)

The 2 of Cups

I looked up at your gaze in the mirror. ‘Do you think people can change, Eva? Do you think it’s possible?’

I think the intensity of my voice startled you because you dropped your hand and said, ‘Yes. People can change.’

But here’s the thing that terrified me: What if they can’t?

Taken from ‘A Single Breath’ by Lucy Clarke.

I have been watching people how they seem to get on with their lives, the things they do day in day out, I have been listening to the things that they say (even the most shallowest of conversations) and I was wondering how and why things are the way they are. The comfort zone factor is a big part – being afraid or unwilling to try something else.

Maybe people are happy (or think they are happy) accepting things at a certain level.

I had a dream last night that I went to Keswick for the Tarot conference next month and I have done this journey before alone on a train and usually stay in a B & B alone not knowing anyone at the B & B and it was like this in the dream. In my dream, I lost my shoes and I didn’t have enough insulin. I got on. I bought some new shoes and I managed somehow with the insulin I had and didn’t make a fuss about it.   

This got me thinking about how we can allow situations to define what we can or can’t do as well as will or won’t do. When I was in Paris on holiday last month, my shoes were hurting me so much that I was walking around bare foot at one point.

What I am getting at is that even though some situations (like my diabetes) make our life but don’t define it as I still do things but what you do or don’t allow to happen is a choice. I have also experienced the moods of others and how they seem unaware of how their very own actions and words affect others and that no matter what others say to them, they take offense. Why do people feel the need to hurt others this way and why do they not even realize?

I decided to draw a Tarot card and from the Jea de Vivre Tarot, I got the 2 of Cups which shows 2 owls standing on a winding branch holding a beautiful string of ivy with purple flowers on in their mouths. I love owls because of their knowledge and wisdom and the ivy to me, represented the growth and potential within relationships and because the 2 owls are holding the same ivy, I felt this represented how we are connected to others and that no man is an island.

In the context of the 2 of Cups, I felt that we should do the things we love, be with the people we love and be how we want to be not what we think is expected of us. I know this is sometimes easier said than done but what is stopping you from doing this?  

The 2 of Cups from the Jea de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

The 2 of Cups from the Jea de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

The Wheel of Fortune and the Aces

After yesterdays post in which I looked at the Magician and the 4 Aces, I got thinking about how the Aces could also be a bit of a risk especially if the presented opportunity is something new for us and even though we may take the opportunity that is presented by the Aces, it may be a little frightening. 

This reminded me of the Wheel of Fortune which is number 10 (which could be broken down to 1). With this in mind, I began to wonder how often, life as a cycle may often lead us to a certain change of direction and a new direction which can be seen as one of the Aces. I like this idea because the 4 suits go from 1 to 10 and this can also be seen as a cycle with a new start.

I feel this message is one of being open to change, allowing yourself to grow and actively engage life and as such not missing any opportunities that come your way. Obviously, consider everything but there is potential within us all.

The RWS Wheel of Fortune Tarot card

The RWS Wheel of Fortune Tarot card