The Practical plane, The Mental plane and the Spiritual plane in Tarot as well as Triads

The RWS Major Arcana

The RWS Major Arcana


After my post yesterday about the number of the World and the Death cards, I decided to look at where they were positioned anyway.

Rachel Pollack in her book Tarot Wisdom, page 6 and 7 has a picture of the Major Arcana. The Fool alone at the top and then 3 rows of 7 (as I have shown you here).

Rachel has the First Row as the row that concerns the outer problems and concerns of our lives (the Practical plane in the picture) – growing up and all the experiences we deal with and is the conscious.

The second row (pictured here as the Mental plane) Rachel describes as involving self-knowledge and transformation and can be seen as the Unconscious. I love how Rachel talks about there being there being a modern and ancient model this transformation. I quote: “The modern version is Therapy, in which we realise that the self we have built up in life is not working and is not who we truly are so we seek to find our essential self. The older is initiation in which a person goes through a spiritual death and rebirth.” Line 2 goes from card 8 to 14 and the last 4 cards in this row (including death), highlight this process very well.

The bottom row (pictured as the Spiritual plane) is what Rachel refers to as Superconscious and this row deals with things beyond our own goals of self-improvement and I feel that because of this, the World card is in its rightful place here. It is almost like even though we all have this process to deal with; we all together can create so much more. We are all part of something big.

Looking at the Majors in the picture as they are, you will notice how there are then traids (3 cards – one above each other in the 3 rows). An example taken from Rachels book is the Chariot, Temperance and the World card which are all victories – the Chariot (in the practical plane) concerns victory over the challenges of life; Temperance (in the Mental plane) is victory over our fears and limitations and then the World (in the Spiritual plane) is victory in reaching Spiritual understanding.

Rachel Pollack’s Tarot Wisdom is available on Amazon:



Why is the Death card numbered 13 and not 21?

I write my blog about the things that interest me. I am not the most knowledgeable person of that I am sure so I may not appeal to everyone and as such I am hoping that there are some people out there who connect with me at some level. If there is a higher level or something that I have missed or over looked here in this particular blog piece, please let me know and feel free to comment.

So, here is another thought on the Death Tarot card:

Why is numbered 13 and not 21? Why is it basically just about half way through the journey of the Fool in the Major Arcana and not at the end? Surely, Death is the end not the World card? Did someone get this wrong?

No, this is right (whatever the divine purpose, I present my own take on it).

Death is part of the Fool’s Journey and our own personal journeys too. I have certainly experienced the physical death of people close to me – my Grandfather, family, friends and people who I know and this has allowed me to experience emotions and pain that other experiences would not open me up to.

It is not just the physical death of people that encompasses death either.

If the Death card was numbered 21, it would be like a never ending loop of reaching the Death card and then a part of me dying / a stage of my life dying only to be faced by its replacement and starting all over again, wouldn’t it?

Death can appear in your life in so many ways. Here I look at Death as symbolising the end of something which can ultimately allow other things / new experiences to naturally follow.

Some examples are:

Ending of a particular job but starting a new one.

Ending of a relationship and ultimately making way for a new one (assuming that you are able to move on and want to move on).

Ending of a school / studying career as a student or university student making way for your working career to begin.

Your best friend moves town. You can keep in touch somehow.

You get married – this is death to ones single life and the beginning of your adult life.

You give birth to children – death to one’s self again but this time to become something new – a mother (or father).

So, death is like a door being opened up to allow progression and adaption.

Tarot at the market

I was at my local market today doing readings. I feel good. I just spoke to some people who didn’t want a reading and we spoke about “life in general”. It was like “yeah, Tarot Readers are quite normal and you can just talk to us.” It was nice to reach out and touch others. Some people really opened up to me today and it was obviously coz they don’t know me. There was even a hovering granny when I was using my crystal ball so I nicely moved her along. I will never be rich with money but I will be rich with life experiences.

Have you ever had a mental block when doing a reading ?

If you ever get a mental block when you are doing a Tarot reading (or angel card reading), here is something that may help:

Look at the card / s and try making a story out of the cards. It may be easy for things to start flowing again for you.

What can help with this story telling process is things on the cards that stand out, for example, any particular images or symbols and even colours then any thoughts or impressions you may get of the card and lastly, how the card makes you feel (does it make you happy or sad etc; does it remind you of something and can you relate to the card somehow). You can even use this story telling process to help you get a bit of practise when you are not actually doing a reading for someone.



What frightens you? Is it things that can have an unknown outcome like death? I imagine death like walking through an open door. I imagine my Grandad Glover will be there. He always smiled. He was always “fine”.

What is the point of trying to control others, the things they do and the things they say. I sometimes feel like there is so much distrust in the world. Why can’t we work together not against each other?

Does anyone regret what they do or say?

Maybe I’m dreaming of some kind of Utopia.

As much as people think they are immune to pain or consequence, they should know that they are not immune to death. It takes us all.

If there are things you want to do, do it.

The meeting of the Crystal Skulls

This week I am on holiday in York and I was fortunate enough to be able to arrange meeting a fellow crystal Skull lover – Vicky Moore as well as some of her crystal skulls.

Vicky and I

Vicky and I

We got some of our skulls together and as you can see in the photo – they all looked spectacular together. I felt it was a really special moment. I have always believed in the specialities of crystals and it is so strong when there is a group together. I will treasure this moment. Thank you Vicky !!!

Our skulls - the bigger ones in the back except for the quartz at the end are Vicky's, the rest are mine.

Our skulls.

I also bought a new skull at the shop that Vicky works at – the Zentist in York. Yay !!!

I know that some of you may be a bit frightened of skulls or wonder what it is people see in them but think of it like this: They can hold so much power and energy aided by the power of the specific crystal they are made of. There is also a history behind crystal skulls you may want to look into.

My Spiritual Journey


Encountering my spiritual journey has allowed me to become empowered. At one point, I fell under the “Orphan” archetype of feeling worthless or like there was something wrong with me and that my family didn’t like me the way I am. I used to be afraid to speak my mind. Not anymore. I am liberated. I am not afraid to be me and I want to share with you a 4 step process that I have been through:

1) Love – I have felt care and concern from others who have the same interests as me / like minded people.

2) I have been given opportunities to share my story and inspire others.

3) Being able to see that my thoughts / ideals and beliefs are normal (although perhaps indifferent to people within my family for example). There is a thing called “blame” and it is not wrong for me to be the way I am; it is no one’s fault; it is not something that can lay blame on others – I am proud of who I am. I am thankful for my spirituality and especially for the experiences I have through Tarot.

4) I have become pro active in taking responsibility for my own life and my journey including things like guiding others with Tarot.

(I have used this process as taken from a book called “The Hero within” by Carol S Pearson.)