Introspection at this time of year

One thing that comes to my mind is how the seasons change and in different countries we see such extremes like snow in Minnesota USA and sunshine in Johannesburg South Africa. Here in the North West of UK, it is raining but at this time of year it has been known in the past for the weather to be a lot worse with inches of snow and lots of ice.

In nature when it is cold and it is winter, growth may grind to a halt and it becomes darker earlier at night and stays darker longer in the mornings but when we get to the 21st December 2014 which is the shortest day in the UK, the days gradually become lighter.

It makes me thankful for what I have and I have tried to take a proactive role in connecting how nature and the seasons work with my own life. It is for me, a time of introspection to see if there is anything I need to chop away or change as well as even doing more of something. I have just finished an Advanced Life Coaching course and am doing a dissertation on Life Coaching now so My consider what I could study next (or even put into practise). What about you?

Do you really want to know your future?


I sometimes ask people if they really want to know what their future holds for them when they ask about this kind of thing at a Tarot or crystal ball reading.

I mean, let’s think about this. Would it change what you did and or thought now as well as your actions? If the answer is yes, then it would change your future right? If you thought things could or would work out a certain way, would you just go along with it or try to change it? Then why ask about your future if you are going to do things differently to prevent something from happening or to make something happen a different way?

Not knowing what is in store for you allows you to actually live your life as well as learning. If you felt you knew what was in store for you, you may become lazy and just let it happen anyway (would it still happen if you were lazy and not proactive). Also knowing something is attached to expectations. You are expected to do something / to be someone and or to fulfil some legacy. Why have the pressure? Just live. Be open to experiences. Be who you are meant to be. Be open. Be the authentic you.

Opposites in the Major Arcana

We all know how the Fool’s journey is basically a journey through the Major Arcana (however you want to do it – linear or non linear) but what got me thinking was how the Majors could all be some kind of life force and how each of the cards have opposite features.

Like this:

Empress – female / mother and the Emperor – male / father

The Moon – feminine and then the Sun – masculine

The Magician – taking action and the High Priestess – non-action

The High Priestess – female and the Magician – male

The Empress – birth and Death – as it says

The Lovers – togetherness and the Hermit – being alone

Temperance – Balance and the Tower – disruption

The Star – hope and the Devil – a lack of hope

The World – Unity and the Hermit – isolation

The Fool and the 2 of Swords

The Fool and 2 of Swords from the RWS Tarot deck

The Fool and 2 of Swords from the RWS Tarot deck

I recently looked at the Fool and the 3 of Wands as reinforcing cards so I thought I would look at an example of an opposing card to the Fool today which could be the 2 of Swords.

Let’s first of all recap what I suggested as qualities of the Fool:
The Fool represents that journey that has its beginning, going on adventure, being open, living in the moment, being spontaneous and or impulsive, going with the flow as well as being true to yourself and even following that pipe dream that you have always had.

Now for the 2 of Swords:
There is a denial of your true feelings; a fear to act which could be seen as doubt of something; being defensive; blocking your emotions and even being in a state of stale mate. Barriers are put up like it’s not letting anything in or out.

I love the opposites in these 2 cards and I have chosen to look at a Major and Minor to show how they can (or can’t) work with each other.

There are other opposing cards. I have used this one as an example.

An experience with Crystal Balls

My 2 favourite crystal balls

My 2 favourite crystal balls

Quite by accident, I recently found something out about my 2 favourite crystal balls:

I have noticed that if I place my 2 favourite crystal balls near each other and then try to use one of them, I find it really hard to get anything good out of them. I just can’t work with them after this. It’s almost like, I have to keep them apart otherwise they bounce off each other and create a negative barrier. It’s pretty weird.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

The Fool and the 3 of Wands

The 3 of Wands and the Fool from the RWS Tarot deck

The 3 of Wands and the Fool from the RWS Tarot deck

I love looking at similarities in the cards because I feel this reinforces meanings. I’ll show you an example.
Let’s look at the Fool and one of its reinforcing cards – the 3 of Wands.

The Fool represents that journey that has its beginning, going on adventure, being open, living in the moment, being spontaneous and or impulsive, going with the flow as well as being true to yourself and even following that pipe dream that you have always had.

Have you matched any of these things with the 3 of wands like expanding your horizons (by beginning that journey) and stepping out of your comfort zone?

These cards could be seen as representing a leadership of some kind because you are taking the initiative and setting an example.

We all know that nothing is written in stone and that nothing works out the same for everyone but taking that first step is the most important thing.

The Queen of Swords and the Justice Card

The Justice card and the Queen of Swords card from the RWS Tarot deck.

The Justice card and the Queen of Swords card from the RWS Tarot deck.

A little observation I made once was how the Queen of Swords could look like a side view of the Justice card.

Also that the Swords they both hold are indicative of impartiality and being in the right hand signifies intelligence and logic.

I get a sense of compassion with the Queen of Swords too almost like she has endured her own painful experiences so her input and counsel is based on this. She may be a Queen but she has worked to be where she is.

Have you noticed that the Queen of Swords has a rope tassel on her left wrist? Can you name the other card in the swords suit that has ropes? Yes, the 8 of Swords. For me, the experience of being tied up like that signifying bondage of some kind that is not escapable is something this Queen of Swords has experienced and the rope tassel on her wrist is a reminder in a way helping her to keep on track / to not slacken off.

Begin with yourself.

Forget all the bad things in the world.
Forget about war.
The world only makes you feel bad if you allow it to.
Forget about how you feel hard done by. You are only put upon if you allow this to happen.
Forget about feeling lonely.
Forget about the bad thoughts and feelings you have towards someone else.

Think about all the good things in your life.
What good is it to you to be negative? It will only make you feel bad.
So start with yourself.
Love yourself.
Be proactive.
You are only alone if you choose to be.
Reach out.
Love others.
You do belong.
You are loved.
You are wanted.
You are needed.
More than you know.
You do mean something.
You are in no way insignificant.

The Empress

The RWS Empress card

The RWS Empress card

I often think about what it is that people makes people get up and go (as well as the opposite – what knocks them back or knocks them down) and how they move forward (as well as if they don’t move forward – choosing to stay in a particular state whether this is a conscious or unconscious choice).

I put it to you that the promise of things to come is there in each of us. There is potential in all of us. The fact that we are all alive and reading this shows the promise we all have to live and to “BE” who we are so what are you doing about this?
Don’t be scared to do things. You never know.

Without trying to sound dramatic but the thing is that life is not always about good expereinces. There will be bad or uncomfortable experiences in our lives that will make us quite sad and will affect us deeply. It will feel like someone has took an apple corer and scooped your core out and all you can think to ask is “WHY?” The good of this is that it will make you stronger.

I remind myself of the Empress Tarot card who has accepted and embraced this challenge to proactively and intuitively nurture the life of herself and others around her. She gives this her best shot. Maybe she doesn’t know everything that is yet to occur but she is consciously present in the moment. She may not be able to control everything but she is the strong sanctuary that we all know in some way.